crafts night!

 had our second bear crafts night.. tonight it was painting! we placed a wine bottle, avocado, banana and apple
in the center of the table. every 5 minutes we switched paintings, inhereting the other guys work. round robin format
ensued, and then we finally ended up with what we started with--

7 awesome paintings!

this is my creation

binky the bitch and her purple headband

so i really could have used rob's sensitivity today on my last run

skiing down the no brainer to the base lodge, shredding tele turns deep  in the sonic
temple, and this lady in a purple headband is waving to me

i could hear lips move but not much else-- something about "is there an easier
way down? there MUST be an easier way down!"

shook my head but she was persistant! took out the sonic temple, and she
was whining about there "MUST be an easier way down!!"

no bitch. go that way its ungroomed schmoo. you will die. go that other way, you go down
to the quad and you'll have to walk back up. and judging from the size of your
ass you won't survive that either. ( i didnt say that)

but it goes straight down! there MUST be an easier way!!!

its a blue run. its fine. deal with it. go over the roll and you're there. i was getting impatient!
its not my problem you stupid purple headbanded woman that you cant read
the fucking trail map. and why single ME out???

but then she said it...

"this wouldn't be a blue run in PARK CITY!".....

them's fighting words. park city land of binkie and twinkie and black escalades. and stupid rich
people with purple headbands. and like WHO wears HEADBANDS??? do you think it makes
your ass look smaller?? (i didnt say all of that)

at this point i wish rob was there to instate sensitivity protocol 2.3 and possibly
hand holding. however he wasn't.

so i said

"Park City's a gong show...."

and i took off cutting flawless tele turns down the no brainer to the blue lodge

am i a prick?


 ok, when we got to solitude, i looked at the temp guage on the subaru, and it said 8 F, i thought
damn its gonna be a cold day

but then i saw the little minus sign....


nuthin a little goretex proshell can't handle
it was great!!!

rob in his bitchin' mountain hardware

5 cool things

 OK, to keep it general, the 5 coolest things of 2008 that come to mind. where a "thing" could be a place,
event, movie, whatever. Just something that stuck out for some reason.

5) Powder Mountain, Utah. What a cool discovery! the mom and pop ski resort possessed me, and in fact bumped
alta to number 2 on my "places to ski that are not solitude"

4) My mom started painting again. Funky little scenes of the mountain, the tree, and the cat. I love them. Its great
to see her so passionate again.

3) The wagon wheels! Traded in a stupid full suspension mountain bike for a rigid, steel 29'er and rediscovered how
much fun it is just to ride around again.

2) Got back with my old friends in Vancouver. All it took was some random phone calls and i regrouped with a 
group i had not seen in 20 years. We all went skiing again at xmas. Oh, and i declared my gay card right away and
all is cool

and number 1 coolest thing...

1) rob and i joined in on the prop 8 demonstration in salt lake city which history might declare a little piece of... history?
a very cool and empowering experience

attack of the bimbots

 i get this hi5 thing saying i have "15 new friends!" oh how exciting i always like to meet new people. hmm apparently members of  the stripper community wants to meet me.. im sure erica is an exciting and diverse individual. and trish can put complex, multi word sentences together. how exciting!